Free 5-Day Business Challenge For Health Professionals:
How To Survive, Thrive & Scale in 2021!

The way we’ll practice health care in 2021 and beyond will 
forever shift. Is your private practice / wellness business ready?

Free 5-Day Business Challenge For Health Professionals:
Survive, Thrive & Scale in 2021!

The way we’ll practice health care in 2021 and beyond will 
forever shift. Is your private practice / wellness business ready?

This time last year, the last thing on anyone’s mind was saving their health practice. But in just a few short months, everything changed, and for many professionals, a scary reality set in. 

Most private practices which had a steady stream of regular patients were just a few short months away from insolvency.

You may have experienced fear or anxiety when you had to face your own economic reality brought on by having a single source of business, while health professionals with more than one way to serve patients took the current crisis in stride, never losing a night's sleep over the sudden decline in practice volume.

What did they have that their counterparts didn't?

Numerous ways to help people get & stay healthier, creating multiple ways to serve that aren’t tied to seeing patients in your office.

Join us for the Multiple Streams Business Challenge for Health Professionals February 2-6th

We’ll teach you how to identify new ways to serve patients that won’t all be affected by social distancing, government shutdowns or other unexpected crisis that can drain your savings and destroy your current practice.
Why You MUST Make Plans to Diversify Your Business Now!

The next year will bring unprecedented demand to many health care sectors, while others could see their businesses virtually dry up due to pandemic risks, regulatory controls, mandatory shutdowns, and significant drops in discretionary spending.

As a healthcare professional, having a healthy practice will be dependent on your ability to reach and serve clients / patients you can help even when your office is closed.
Look around. Many practices are struggling, running out of PPP and EIDL loans and the economy remains fragile, suddenly considering consolidations, closure, early retirement and other options that were not on the table just a few short months ago.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Increasing what you earn from your practice doesn’t need to mean:

  • Working more hours for less per hour
  • Taking financial risks with large capital expenditures
  • Risking your personal or practice reputation
  • ​Spending less time with your family or friends
  • ​Making yourself sick

During the 5 Day Multiple Streams Business Challenge for Health Professionals we’ll help you quickly identify the right approach for you and your business:

  • 5 Days.
  • 5 Easily Completed Exercises.
  • 5+ Options to Add New Revenue Streams to Your Practice.
NOTE: If you fall into the camp that believes everything is outside your control, and that you can’t change your circumstances and improve your life during this “new normal” you can stop reading here. This 5 day challenge won’t interest or benefit you.

This program is also NOT for you if you are promoting unsubstantiated products, protocols or services which were created for profit over outcomes.

But - if you’re a high integrity, accredited health professional that owns your own practice (or wants to), and you can dedicate 1 to 2 hours a day for 5 days, than keep reading because this could be the best week for your business in the last several years.

In as little as 1 hour a day over the 5 day Challenge (more for some of you, less for others) you’ll gain more clarity, hope and confidence in your options than ever before.
Hi, I’m JJ Virgin, founder of the Mindshare Collaborative.

For the last 10 years I’ve helped more than 500 licensed and accredited health and wellness professionals dramatically expand their impact, and as a result, their business by teaching them how to break through limiting beliefs and earn their true value for the positive impact they make to thousands and thousands of families worldwide.

My team and I work one-on-one with health professionals and experts just like you to craft more sustainable, fun and profitable businesses.

But it wasn’t always that way. You see, just 15 years ago, I was a struggling, single mom with crushing debt working 15 hours a day with no end in sight.
I had spent years studying fitness and nutrition, and was by every outward indication successful. 
But inside, I was close to complete burn-out, struggling to make ends meet, nearly exhausted from the demands of being the sole provider for my family. I knew there had to be a better way, so I invested $100K I didn’t have in a coach to learn how to build a business (instead of a job) and went to work.

Then, just when my first book was about to debut, only days before the launch of my first New York Times Best Selling book - the Virgin Diet - my oldest son was the victim of a hit and run, left for dead, and would spend the next four and a half months in the hospital, from where I’d have to launch my new program - fast, or face financial ruin.

You might say I know something about tough times.
It was from the ICU, next to his bed, that I vowed to never again have my Livelihood only tied to directly working with clients.

Since then, I created a top health website, my own nutrition brand, coaching programs, and four New York Times Best Selling Books. I’ve also made every mistake possible along the way, and learned what works and what doesn’t to increase your impact as a health professional.

My Partner, Karl Krummenacher and I have had the privilege of helping many notable health professionals break free from the chains of a traditional private practice, increasing their impact, financial rewards and free time along the way.
We’ve helped MDs, DOs, NMDs, DOMs, PhDs, LPNs, NPs - virtually every type of accredited or licensed health professional find balance, scale and build a business they love that scales without increasing their direct effort.
As a Business mentor and coach, International Speaker, and 4-Time New York Times Best Selling Author, I’ve been featured in Huffington Post, on PBS and every major television network, and my companies have been recognized as INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies 3 separate times. I share that so that you know my training is based on real life experience and not just hype. I’ve actually created multiple, scalable revenue streams for my personal brand, and helped others do the same.

I had to Start with less than nothing. 

$100,000 in debt, to be exact. In 2005 I was a 41 year old single mom, with two small boys, and believed that with the right coaching and training, I could make a better life for my family while making a meaningful difference in the world.

Blessed with amazing coaches who guided me on my journey, I wrote down clear goals, created an actionable plan, and got to work - in far less than ideal circumstances.
But within two years, I went from broke and struggling to pay the bills, to a multi-million dollar business that’s helped hundreds of thousands of customers crush their sugar addictions, break through their weight loss resistance and for some, dramatically improve their health.

None of which would have been possible without building a scalable business with multiple ways to serve clients.

Now it’s your turn! Set aside an hour or so each day for 5 days of February to create a business that scales and diversifies your practice so you won’t lose sleep when the next unexpected disaster hits.

The Multiple Streams Business Challenge for Health Professionals

Our 5 Day Virtual Coaching and Planning Experience is designed to help you create new, scalable revenue streams that can dramatically reduce revenue risk, overhead and effort while increasing your positive
cash-flow and profits.

Meet Your Coaches

Karl Krummenacher

  • CEO, Mindshare Collaborative
  • ​30+ Years of Leading Public and Private Co's
  • ​Angel Investor
  • ​Coach
  • ​Mentor

JJ Virgin

  • Founder, Mindshare Collaborative
  • ​Four-Time New York Times Best Selling Author
  • ​Investor
  • ​Coach
  • ​Mentor
There are dozens of ways for health professionals to diversify their business. 
Which one is right for you depends on several factors:
  • Who you serve 
  • What result you provide
  • What products / services are currently offered
  • ​How much time / money you have available to launch a new product or service


  • Clarify your options, and help you prioritize which option is right for you
  • ​Share real world examples of the time, energy and effort required to diversify your revenue
  • ​Give you actionable “Playbooks” for the most common diversified streams
  • ​Help you free up the time and money required to build a new stream without going into debt
  • ​Give you a few quick wins that will generate more positive cash-flow and profit within the next 30 days


5-Day Live Virtual Coaching Experience

$2,500 value

Each day we will quickly outline the goal of the day, provide you with worksheets / starting guide, and explain the day’s homework. This workshop has been designed to be easily completed in about 1 hour each day (You can spend more if you choose to) and result in clarity and actionable steps for that day’s topic.

Our mission is to help health professionals grow their business while reducing their effort and workload without creating financial or brand risk.

By the end of this Challenge you will know which options are best for your business and what it will take to launch each new leveraged service or product stream you select.

Multiple Streams Business Challenge Downloadable Workbook

You will have all the steps and worksheets in one, easy to fill out workbook, so you and your team can take action quickly once you’ve chosen a path.

Access to the Multiple Streams Business Challenge for Health Professionals Private Facebook Group

$500 value

This is a 5 day challenge. During the week, you’ll be able to network, learn and collaborate with other health professionals. For our current members of Mindshare, the community is the most valuable resource we provide.




  • Session 1 - Tuesday, February 2nd at 4 pm PST, 7 pm ET
  • Session 2 - Wednesday, February 3rd at 4 pm PST, 7 pm ET
  • ​Session 3 - Thursday, February 4th at 4 pm PST, 7 pm ET
  • Session 4 - Friday, February 5th at 4 pm PST, 7 pm ET
  • Session 5 - Saturday, February 6th at 8 am PST, 11AM ET
Have a Schedule Conflict? We’ve got you covered. The replay for each session, along with all worksheets / handouts will be immediately available in the Facebook Group and can be watched at your convenience until the Challenge ends on February 12th.


FREE Inside our Private Facebook Group


Join us for all 5 sessions for FREE. Inside, you'll find an optional upgrade for several bonuses, including a course workbook, recordings and additional coaching and content.

If this program doesn't exceed your expectations then we'll happily provide you with a full refund, and you can keep all the course materials and bonuses with our complements for your time.

We’ve taken all the risk, and your happiness is 100% guaranteed.

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